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Obsluha robobaristy

Obsluha robobaristy





Jsme pet-friendly!

Jsme pet-friendly!





Company culture

In Factorio, it is crucial that everyone goes to work happy and feels part of the team, therefore we are working together to create an environment that everyone fits into. We go to lunch together and like to meet after work. Our friendship is further deepened by regular teambuilding events, where our better halves are warmly welcomed as well. It is important for both the company itself and for all of us to be able to grow steadily. That is why we often embark on projects that are unique and that we have to trample our way. Every opinion is welcome and thanks to diverse experience of each of our members we have the opportunity to enrich our work on regular basis. Because of the large number of projects, everyone can engage in what he or she enjoys and feels fulfilled in. We are not afraid to start new things in which we do not have enough experience yet, because we know that with our enthusiastic approach, we will eventually reach the top of the industry or technology. To achieve this faster, we are constantly adding new SW and HW tools to our work environment. We are open to new technologies and if we see any meaning in anything, we are willing to invest in it. After agreement we arrange trainings, buy software or even a special tool to make your work more pleasant.

As we move around in the world of digital technology, we try to make our work as digitized as possible and thus reduce the environmental footprint. However, it is our value that the technologies we use are primarily a tool for achieving bigger things and we do not fall into dependency on them nor become their slaves. We have this value in developing our own digital products as well. We want applications that we invent to make life easier for people and save their time so they can devote it to their life mission. That's one of the reasons why our motto is "applications that the user needs to think about were not well thought out".

Our company is based in the futuristic CIIRC building in offices each with up to five people (no open-space), so everyone can easily focus on work. At the same time, there are doors open everywhere and personal communication is valued more than online communication. We are pet-friendly, but we only let in disciplined pets who do not disturb others in their work.

We're looking for new team members!

Do you want to enjoy going to work every day?

Are you self-independent? 

Do you like learning new things?

If you answered "yes" to all the questions, then you will fit in our team! 
Especially if you meet any of the following characteristics:

  • you are a developer (C#, JavaScript, Node.js, React, GraphQL ...)

  • you are interested in robotics and machine learning

  • you are interested in modeling and analyzing industrial systems

  • you are a researcher in the field of robotics and cybernetics

  • you are a project manager

  • you are a businessman

What can you look forward to?

  • minimum bureaucracy (we are not a corporation)

  • working on interesting projects

  • bonuses based on completed projects or work results

  • modern technology

  • the possibility of growth and learning from experienced colleagues

  • training of choice

  • great team and teambuilding events

  • meal vouchers

  • the possibility of working from home

  • flexible working hours

  • part-time or full-time work (summer job opportunities)

  • cooperation in bachelor's and master's theses

  • modern offices near Dejvická metro station

  • interesting salary (we are not start-up)













“I really appreciate our friendly atmosphere at Factorio. Everybody fits with us right away, we like to go for a beer or for a run after work. Regular teambuildings are also a long-awaited activity. Another positive feature of our work is the flexible working hours and the opportunity to work part-time. ”

- Eliška

What it feels like working with us?

“I think that the best in Factorio is the relatively large variety of projects and the way they are handled. One does not fall into a working stereotype. Perfect is that the work on the project is divided so everyone can choose their part. I enjoy doing things that no one else does, or that few people do. And the fact that we do not know anything about the issue at all or we just have a clue is not an obstacle at all. It is just a wall that we will climb over time and you get the opportunity to learn something new with each project. Of course, you can't do it all without a perfect team of people. ”

- Ondra

"We have a friendly environment where noone's faking anything or tries to compete, and we also get access to technologies that you can't find elsewhere."

- David


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