Simulation and Digital Twin

Digital Enterprise is a collection of tools and applications that synchronize product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and manufacturing itself. This synchronization enables quick and accurate design and innovative production of new products. Thanks to the direct link between product design, engineering phases, and manufacturing engineering, the whole manufacturing process is significantly slimmer and more flexible.

At Factorio Solutions we specialize in creating customized Process Designer and Process Simulate modules according to customer needs.

Advanced Robotics

One of the trends that moves the current world of industry and manufacturing the most is undoubtedly automation and robotics. In Factorio Solutions, we are always a step ahead and focus our research on collaborative robotics and analysis of industrial robot kinematics.

We offer services related to the connection of robots with a computer and remote control. We also create applications for robots that go beyond standard robotic programs. An example of this can be our full-time robobarman and robobarist application.

Requirements Management

With the increasing complexity of production, the number of requirements and limitations that need to be taken into account in the development and implementation of changes increases. With requirements management tools, you can design, develop, test, and manage complex software systems and promote communication between vendor and customer teams.


At Factorio Solutions, we provide requirements management solutions, including tailor-made system customization. We specialize in creating user modules and smooth implementation of the tool, including the necessary training.

Data Processing

Data collection, processing and evaluation is the basis for understanding more complex systems, their optimization and testing. Outputs can then be used for both new technology development and all important business process management decisions, including manufacturing.

We specialize in data mining and process mining in Factorio Solutions. We apply it, among other things, to non-invasive identification of robotic operations, which can be used to predict, monitor, and detect anomalous behavior, or to update the production process model in the design phase after commissioning to optimize the model.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is one of the most advanced IT and software development sectors. It tries to generate and process information from the captured image using an electronic device.

At Factorio Solutions we build systems that acquire information from images or multidimensional data to provide information about robots and the environment. In the engineering and manufacturing field, in which we operate, can the computer vision be used for example for analyzing and evaluating product defects.


We have been developing advanced and user-friendly customized applications for several years. Our portfolio also includes the programming of user modules for Siemens products.


Well-trained personnel are essential for the high-quality operation and maintenance of control and network systems. At Factorio Solutions we provide training tailored to your needs.

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