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Unified solution for your team

Requirements management

Collaboration, Traceability, Workflows

We present you a unified application lifecycle solution that enables you to design, develop, test and manage complex web-based software systems. It combines teams and projects and enables manufacturers to continuously integrate, validate and approve the growing number of requirements that need to be incorporated into the production process. Thanks to a large number of flexible license modules and deployments, it can grow according to your company's needs, making it the perfect solution for both small and large teams. 

Why Polarion ALM?

  • Unifies teams, tools, workflows, and information across the company

  • Supports communication between suppliers and customers

  • Accelerates and streamlines workflows

  • Works efficiently through the web interface from anywhere, anytime 

  • Manages traceability, mitigates risk, facilitates compliance

  • Reduces the cost of tools, information technology, administrators, and training 

  • Has over 2.5 million satisfied users around the world

Core Functionality

Collaboration, Traceability and Workflows - these are three basic principles embedded in the "DNA" of the system which facilitate the coordination of manufacturing processes through 100% browser-based access to all Polarion data. 

Test & Quality Management

Manage all testing activities from one central platform. Create test cases and easily link them to relevant work items such as general requirements, change requirements, other test cases, etc.

Change & Configuration Management

Always keep track of who, when, and why, what changed. System Requirements Specification, Authentication Procedures, Project Plans and Tasks - all objects are simply stored in Version Management repositories, so each change creates history records of versions.

Planning & Resource Management

Improve the use and predictability of the issue through active scheduling and partial time tracking. Follow any method (waterfall, agile, hybrid) to schedule your messages, milestones, iterations, and always get a transparent and current plan for the entire organization.

Reuse & Branch Management

Take advantage of the re-use and branching capabilities of existing systems.

Requirements Management

It enables you to efficiently collect, create, approve, and manage requirements throughout the life of the project. Exclusive innovations, Polarion LiveDocs, allow you to safely work together on specification documents, with each paragraph uniquely identifiable and traceable.

Issue & Defect Management

Monitor all potential and reported failures. Plan and assign tasks to remove them. Monitor problems automatically when the test fails - whether the test is manual or automated, done in Polarion or the third-party tool - to ensure that the problem is immediately tracked in all activities.

Audits, Metrics & Reports

Improve decision-making and project execution through detailed analysis and real-time reporting. View any message online or export to PDF for offline access.

Build & Release Management

Set continuous delivery and iterative development to allow frequent release without compromising consistency, integrity, and regulatory compliance.

Agile & Hybrid Project Management

Learn advanced agile techniques at the same time or gradually with templates that can be tailored to your needs. Polarion allows iterative planning with team speed control for predicting empirical data.

Basic Characteristic

  • It is automatically synchronized with the web

  • It is open - it allows you to sonnect to other systems (Teamcenter PLM, Jira, HP ALM, MATLAB Simulink, HP Quality Center)

  • It is scalable - a wide selection of licenses focused on the whole as well as on its parts

  • It allows you to increase the visibility of project status using different widgets

  • Supports developments in line with industry requirements:
    - in the automotive industry (SPICE, ISO 26262)
    - in medicine (IEC 62304, ISO 14971)
    - in aviation (DO-178C)

  • Provides detailed analysis, presentation charts, outputs, and a real-time status report with the ability to export to PDF

  • Built primarily on Java, PostgreSQL and Subversion

  • Makes it easier to track changes and document versions

  • Allows you to export and import MS Office files using Live Docs

  • Offers more than 200 paid and unpaid extensions to download

  • Allows the administrator to grant permission to users

  • The system is continually being actively developed

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